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 +Golden rules
 +Some trusts are set up 'top down' with support from local authorities or
 +quangos, others by local people operating on a shoe-string. Trusts are
 +really small enterprises with charitable objectives, so the aim is to
 +end up with an effective independent organisation which can both serve
 +local needs and sustain its own operations. From my own experience,
 +talking to those involved, and from questionnaires completed for this
 +guide, here are some golden rules.
 +1.  **Establish clear objectives.** Work out what you are trying to do -
 +    whether tackling projects, providing advice or information - and
 +    stick to it. Decide what constitutes success and failure.
 +2.  **Involve the whole community - both residents and businesses.**
 +    Talk to key interests, bring them together in a seminar to launch
 +    the setting up process. Unless others have a stake, they won't
 +    support you.
 +3.  **Establish a clear legal and management structure** with advice
 +    from a solicitor with experience in the field. Most development
 +    trusts are companies limited by guarantee with charitable status.
 +4.  **Gain local authority support.** Even if they can't help with
 +    funding, they can provide advice, help in kind, and endorsement.
 +5.  **Find good people.** Recruit a high-calibre executive director, and
 +    an independent chairperson who commands respect. Choose
 +    Board/​committee members for their skills, contacts and commitment -
 +    not who they represent. Get the best professional advice possible.
 +6.  **Choose early projects carefully.** Launch your own flagship
 +    schemes, but respond to opportunities and other people'​s ideas. Test
 +    feasibility before your start.
 +7.  **Be business-like from the beginning.** Set up administrative
 +    systems and tight financial controls. Create an effective structure
 +    before you recruit. Aim for excellence.
 +8.  **Communicate effectively.** Create a vision of what you are trying
 +    to achieve, a clear identity for your organisation,​ and produce
 +    well-designed materials and events.
 +9.  **Plan to stay in business for the longer term.** Balance socially
 +    worthwhile schemes with money makers. Don't be a soft touch just
 +    because you are a charity. Spread your funding to reduce risks of
 +    losing support.
 +10. **Take a balanced approach.** Think big, but don't overstretch
 +    yourself. Plan carefully, but operate flexibly. Be optimistic, but
 +    assume the worst. Value the process of making things happen, as well
 +    as what you produce
 +© David Wilcox <​>​. Tel +44 (0)1273 677377.
 +Fax: +44 (0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely
 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
 +[Partnerships Online](../​index) : [The Guide to Development Trusts
 +and Partnerships](../​pguide/​index):​ [other
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