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 +The strategic direction of a Development Trust and management of the
 +executive director is the responsibility of the Board. They should see
 +themselves as ultimately responsible - not as an advisory group to the
 +-   Board members are personally responsible for ensuring that the Trust
 +    fulfills its objectives. While they may be appointed by other member
 +    organisations,​ they must work as a team for the benefit of the
 +    Trust.
 +-   Since the Board of a Trust will be drawn from a range of different
 +    interests it will take some time for them to find a common style.
 +    Agreeing a mission statement can provide a good focus for developing
 +    common priorities and principles.
 +-   If a major funder is involved in setting up the Trust they may
 +    provide guidelines on Board composition and area of operation.
 +-   As well as developing the Trust'​s business plan with the executive
 +    director, the Board must review it and check that the Trust work
 +    programme falls within the plan.
 +-   The Board should receive regular financial and project reports from
 +    the staff and ensure that the Trust is solvent.
 +-   Board members must understand relevant legislation.
 +-   Board members will have an important role in maintaining contact
 +    with key interests in the community.
 +-   Does the Trust have a mission statement which has been developed and
 +    agreed by the Board?
 +-   Does the Trust conform to funder or other guidelines on:
 +    its memorandum and articles? composition of the Board? area of
 +    operation?
 +-   Do the Board understand and implement:
 +    their responsibilities under the Companies Acts and Charities Acts?
 +    the Trust'​s policies? an equal opportunities/​anti-discriminatory
 +    policy?
 +-   Does the Board review the Trust'​s business plan?
 +-   Does the Board receive regular financial and project reports?
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 +Fax: +44 (0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely
 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
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