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Managing a Development Trust is a mixture of running a small business and an innovative voluntary body. It must be effective in its operations including those which generate income, and also responsive to local interests, funders and staff.

  • A Development Trust will only be able to deliver projects, products and services which meet its objectives if it is run competently. Policy direction is the responsibility of the Board, day-to-day management that of the staff.
  • The main strategic management tool is the business plan, which should include criteria against which to measure success or failure to meet objectives.
  • The Trust should follow the usual good management practices in staff recruitment and training. Special attention will be required in training and support for the Board and any volunteers involved.

The Trust should have written agreements with any funders or sponsors.


  • Does the Trust have a business plan, and monitor and review the operation of the plan against performance criteria?
  • Does the Trust have established procedures for recruitment and management of: Board? staff? volunteers?
  • Does the Trust have written contracts of employment with staff?
  • Does it run induction and training programmes for Trustees and staff?
  • Does the Trust have: adequate office facilities and equipment? operating budgets for running costs, communications, projects and staffing?
  • Does the Trust: operate its own financial and administrative systems? undertake an annual audit and publish accounts? know and adhere to relevant legislation?
  • Does the Trust have appropriate insurance cover?
  • Does the Trust have written agreements with any sponsoring organisations?

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