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 +# Management
 +Managing a Development Trust is a mixture of running a small business
 +and an innovative voluntary body. It must be effective in its operations
 +including those which generate income, and also responsive to local
 +interests, funders and staff.
 +-   A Development Trust will only be able to deliver projects, products
 +    and services which meet its objectives if it is run competently.
 +    Policy direction is the responsibility of the Board, day-to-day
 +    management that of the staff.
 +-   The main strategic management tool is the business plan, which
 +    should include criteria against which to measure success or failure
 +    to meet objectives.
 +-   The Trust should follow the usual good management practices in staff
 +    recruitment and training. Special attention will be required in
 +    training and support for the Board and any volunteers involved.
 +The Trust should have written agreements with any funders or sponsors.
 +-   Does the Trust have a business plan, and monitor and review the
 +    operation of the plan against performance criteria?
 +-   Does the Trust have established procedures for recruitment and
 +    management of:
 +    Board? staff? volunteers?
 +-   Does the Trust have written contracts of employment with staff?
 +-   Does it run induction and training programmes for Trustees and
 +    staff?
 +-   Does the Trust have:
 +    adequate office facilities and equipment? operating budgets for
 +    running costs, communications,​ projects and staffing?
 +-   Does the Trust:
 +    operate its own financial and administrative systems? undertake an
 +    annual audit and publish accounts? know and adhere to relevant
 +    legislation?​
 +-   Does the Trust have appropriate insurance cover?
 +-   Does the Trust have written agreements with any sponsoring
 +    organisations?​
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 +Fax: +44 (0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely
 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
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