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 +In order to communicate effectively a Development Trust will need a
 +range of materials which explain its purpose, promote its activities and
 +seek to gain support and funding. Even in its first year or two of
 +operation it will need some or all of the following print, and possibly
 +also a Web site:
 +A strong identity
 +The essential starting point is a name and some appropriate way of
 +communicating graphically the style of Trust. This may be a logo or
 +simply a choice of appropriate typefaces and guidelines for illustration
 +style and colour to be used in all materials. People are bombarded daily
 +with images from the media, and will make judgements, whether
 +consciously or unconsciously,​ about the Trust from the way it presents
 +The first application of your identity is likely to be stationery.
 +Design your letterheads,​ business cards, compliments slips and
 +information sheets together.
 +A leaflet
 +Writing the copy for a leaflet will help crystalise what the Trust is
 +doing - and what it offers different interests. Think of the audience
 +you are trying to reach and the questions they will have in mind. Answer
 +the questions:
 +-   who is involved in the Trust
 +-   why has it been established
 +-   what is it planning to do; how can you help
 +-   how will it do this through its projects and the services it will
 +    offer
 +-   where will the Trust operate
 +-   when is it being/was it launched, what is it planning to do next.
 +A Prospectus or brochure
 +A more substantial document should be developed to back up presentations
 +to major funders, sponsors, supporters and clients. It should be based
 +around the business plan for the organisation,​ and can act as its
 +Prospectus. Again, aim to answer the key questions. Upgrade the design
 +as your track record grows.
 +A newsletter
 +Newsletters are time-consuming to produce and may not be necessary if
 +you get good coverage in the local paper. On the other hand a newsletter
 +says in your own terms what you have achieved, and where you are going,
 +to a wide audience.
 +Annual report
 +Annual reports are an essential means of showing what you have achieved,
 +and how the money has been spent. Give yourself plenty of time to
 +prepare and produce. A folder A folder expressing the design identity of
 +the Trust can act as a flexible container for information sheets, the
 +brochure, leaflet and current issue of the newsletter. You can put
 +together different packages of materials for different audiences.
 +A set of slides which you can talk through is cheap and can easily be
 +updated. If you have the budget, you could consider a full audio-visual
 +presentation or video - but the personal touch may still be better.
 +Sponsors may help fund these packages.
 +One you have developed a leaflet and other materials it should be
 +relatively easy to write the copy and select photographs or other
 +illustrations for an exhibition. Don't make the mistake of trying to
 +cram in too many words on the display boards. Leave that to the back-up
 +leaflets or information sheets.
 +Launch materials.
 +For the launch you will need, at least:
 +-   The design identity
 +-   ​Letterheads and information sheets
 +-   Some form of folder to contain material
 +-   A simple exhibition.
 +Professional input
 +Using a designer and writer will do more than put a professional gloss
 +on your materials. First, the discipline of briefing them will force you
 +to think through what you are trying to achieve. Second, the ideas they
 +produce should spark further ideas of your own. Either use the same
 +designer throughout, or include in your brief the production of design
 +guidelines which can then be applied by other designers working on later
 +materials. © David Wilcox <​>​. Tel +44 (0)1273
 +677377. Fax: +44 (0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely
 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
 +[Partnerships Online](../​index) : [The Guide to Development Trusts
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