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 +Project management
 +The success of a Development Trust is ultimately judged by the projects
 +it produces. In order to develop and maintain projects in a way which
 +will satisfy both sponsors and the local community, the Trust needs an
 +effective project management system and professional staff to run it.
 +-   The Trust Board and staff must plan their programme of work in the
 +    light of local needs and the work of other local organisations. The
 +    programme of projects must also balance earning income with meeting
 +    Trust objectives.
 +-   The Trust must be able to initiate projects of its own -
 +    particularly early on to gain credibility - and also respond to
 +    ideas from the community.
 +-   Staff must have the professional competence to deliver quality
 +    projects cost effectively while meeting health and safety and other
 +    standards. At the same time they must involve the local community
 +    and offer a role to volunteers.
 +-   The Trust must report progress to its local sponsors, complete any
 +    returns required by sponsors and funders, and maintain a review of
 +    completed projects.
 +-   Has the Trust established priorities, based on an assessment of
 +    local needs, which complement those of other organisations?​
 +-   Does the Trust have guidelines for the balance of commercial and
 +    community initiated projects, and procedures for evaluating project
 +    proposals?
 +-   Do Trust staff and Board understand:
 +    the possible Trust roles as agent, consultant, enabler, contractor
 +    or developer ? the limitation on Trust trading activity imposed by
 +    the constitution?​ contract law?
 +-   Does the Trust have:
 +    professional staff with experience in project design and contract
 +    management? procedures for establishing and maintaining quality of
 +    project implementation and aftercare? written contracts with
 +    professional advisers and contractors,​ and written management and
 +    maintenance agreements prior to project implementation?​ policies for
 +    community participation and the management of volunteers? procedures
 +    for monitoring and reporting project achievements?​
 +-   Does the Trust conforms to health and safety legislation,​ and have
 +    adequate insurance against liability and indemnity?
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 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
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