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 +Early in the start up process, whoever is acting as the initial champion
 +of the idea of a Development Trust will need to communicate their vision
 +to other interests. Writing a brief statement helps crystalise and
 +communicate these ideas. Presenting your ideas to other people in a
 +structured way serves three purposes:
 +-   It helps you clarify your own thinking.
 +-   It gets ideas across to other people better than a rambling
 +    dissertation
 +-   It gives you feedback .
 +The process of starting up a Development Trust is largely one of
 +refining ideas and recruiting supporters. After some early informal
 +discussions it will be necessary to draft a statement or vision of what
 +you are talking about. Try and keep it to one side of a sheet of paper.
 +The key questions
 +Everyone will have their own way of producing their first statement, but
 +in doing so remember the usual six key questions which need to be
 +answered: why, where, what, who, how, when? *Why do you think that a
 +Trust is a good idea?* Describe the problems and opportunities in the
 +area, what Trusts have achieved elsewhere - if you know - and why a
 +Trust would be relevant in your area. *Where would it operate?* Describe
 +the area you think that Trust operations should cover. *What will a
 +Trust do?* What type of projects might a Trust carry out. Are any other
 +organisations working in the same field? Would the Trust work with them?
 +*Who will be involved?* Who will you need to recruit to support and run
 +the Trust:
 +-   ​Steering group?
 +-   ​Development officer?
 +-   ​Board?​
 +-   ​Staff?​
 +-   ​Funders?​
 +Mention any support or endorsements that you have gained already. *How
 +will the Trust operate?* Outline what you think the Trust'​s style will
 +be - competitive or collaborative,​ informal or business-like. You will
 +be asked how it will keep in touch with local interests, and how
 +representative it will be. *When do you expect to launch the Trust?*
 +Bear in mind that start up is likely to take at least a year from first
 +idea to launch. Sketch out the programme, particularly public events.
 +Developing the vision
 +These questions will recur throughout the start up process, and
 +ultimately must be answered in three main documents: the business plan,
 +the Trust'​s constitution,​ and a Prospectus to funders and other
 +potential supporters. They should also be addressed in any workshops and
 +seminars run by the steering group, and in any leaflets and newsletters
 +which may be developed. Try and balance clear ideas with the willingness
 +to change them in the light of other people'​s suggestions. Another way
 +to help cystalise the vision is to try and develop a case study of the
 +trust as you would like to see it in five years time. See the sheet on
 +[Case Study](casel) for headings. © David Wilcox
 +<​>​. Tel +44 (0)1273 677377. Fax: +44 (0)1273
 +677379. These information sheets may be freely distributed with this
 +attribution,​ but not republished as a whole. [Partnerships
 +Online](../​index) : [The Guide to Development Trusts and
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