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A-Z of Community Internet

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Under development Access Advertising Campaigning Community building Communities of interest Communications Community Information Networks Community Internet The set of features which are required for a community newtork to be complete Competitiveness Conference Content Analysis Control Of material. Any 'host' of a community network could leave itself open to astonishing costs if legal action were taken (whether justified or simply malicious).

Co-operative working

Capability Copyright Defamation Democracy Disaster recovery for electonically held information, Economic development Improving business and work opportunities Editorial policies Elites Empowerment Evaluation Of community networks Facilitation Feedback Gender Inclusion Information capability Information management

Information Society

Integrity Interaction Libraries Maintenance Who is responsible for maintaining equipment and so on? Money Networking Nomenclature grass-roots, top-down, bottom-up, ordinary people Ownership Community ownership of the project' to mean 'feeling a sense of ownership ' with the attendent participation that would follow. Who owns information and equipment?


Pornography Public access Quality Responsibility For information Resources Schools Security and encryption Social exclusion Support What will it take to implement and sustain? Who is responsible for maintaining it? Supported Learning Sustainability Teleworking Training Universal Access

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