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 +# Partnerships and participation
 +On this site you will find guides to participation and partnerships,​ and
 +also some early work on creating online communities ... but it is pretty
 +old now. Try my blog [Designing for Civil
 +Society](http://​ for the latest news
 +and articles, and also [Useful Games](http://​ for
 +workshop techniques. I've also started [a wiki about social
 +media](http://​ The wiki has guides to
 +networking as well.
 +-   ​[Creating partnerships](AZP/​part)
 +-   ​[Guide to Effective Participation](guide/​index)
 +-   ​[Guide to Development Trusts and Partnerships](pguide/​index)
 +-   ​[Introduction to online communities](community/​index)
 +-   [How you can use IT in the community](pubs/​how)
 +-   ​[Getting
 +    Connected](http://​​connect/​index) -
 +    Internet basics and benefits
 +-   ​[Inventing the Future:​](itf/​itfsum) Communities in the
 +    Information Society
 +-   ​[Early history of UK community networking](stories/​intro)
 +-   ​[Presentation on what communities need from
 +    ICTs](pres/​fitlog/​index)
 +-   ​[Innovative IT for voluntary organisations -
 +    presentation](pres/​trustees/​index)
 +-   [A manifesto for local online communities](cyber/​index) -
 +    cyberplaces as if citizens mattered
 +-   ​External link to an [article on housing, social exclusion and
 +    ICTs](http://​​articles/​wilcox/​socex)
 +Home : [Online communities](community/​index) :
 +[Networks](org/​index) : [Partnerships](part/​index) :
 +Originally at [http://​](http://​ ​
 +Prepared by David Wilcox
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