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 +# Partnerships and  participation
 +The pages in this section are being developed to cover the processes of
 +community participation,​ and building partnerships between different
 +interests, both 'real world' and online.
 +-   [A short guide to partnerships](partguide) with
 +    accompanying [Powerpoint slides](part.ppt)
 +-   [The Guide to Development Trusts and
 +    Partnerships](../​pguide/​index),​ published 1998. A guide to
 +    creating non-profit organisations for community renewal.
 +-   An [Introduction to Partnerships](../​AZP/​part),​ offering a
 +    brief overview of the nature of local partnership organisations,​
 +-   An [A-Z of Partnerships and Networks](../​AZP/​A-Zp) provides more
 +    detailed guidance to issues in the field.
 +-   A set of [information sheets](../​pguide/​sheets) providing more
 +    detail on creating trusts.
 +-   [The Guide to Effective Participation](../​guide/​index) A
 +    comprehensive guide to the wider issues of community involvement.
 +-   ​[Dancing while standing still](../​articles/​still) - Drew Mackie
 +    argues that partnerships are failing to deliver, and people are
 +    suffering participation overload
 +-   Some [Other Internet resources](links) on partnership and
 +    participation.
 +-   .... if you are interested in online communities and collaborations,​
 +    take a look at our sister site <​http://​>​
 +### Recent research
 +For recent research commissioned by the UK Government on public
 +participation in local government see
 +If you wish to use any material, please let me know
 +[Home](../​index) : [Online communities](../​community/​index) :
 +[Networks](../​org/​index) : Partnerships :
 +​part/​index.htm *Prepared by* [Partnerships
 +Online](../​partline/​index) *September 2003*\
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