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 +Internet resources on partnerships and participation
 +[The Community Planning Website](http://​​) is
 +based on Nick Wates' excellent Community Planning Handbook. It shows how
 +a variety of participation methods can be used in different scenarios
 +which range from disaster management to village revival. The site offers
 +checklists and templates as well as general principles and resource
 +[NRM\_Changelinks](http://​​changelinks/​) is "a practical
 +guide to web resources to help people seeking to develop sustainable
 +change in the way we manage our natural resources"​ compiled by Willy
 +Allen. It has a wealth of links including many on facilitation,​ tools,
 +techniques, and participatory approaches.
 +[Participation framework and
 +tools](http://​​practitionertools/​index.html) The
 +International Association for Public Participation offers several useful
 +frameworks and tools including a Spectrum of participation (inform,
 +consult, involve, collaborate,​ empower) and a toolbox suggesting what
 +techniques to use when. The spectrum is similar to the
 +[framework](../​guide/​frame) in the [Guide to Effective
 +[Smarter partnerships](http://​​) The UK Local
 +Government National Training Organisation'​s site offers a toolkit for
 +local government and its partners. This includes a partnership health
 +check, review of learning and skills needed by partners and other useful
 +tools. More resurces are linked from consultants
 +[Educe](http://​​) who produced the kit. These include...
 +[Five vital lessons](http://​​) ...for partnerships
 +that want to create local jobs and development the local economy. Create
 +the conditions; think strategically;​ take stock to unblock; enable not
 +disable; facilitation skills count.
 +[Active Partners: Benchmarking Community Participation in
 +This is a tool, developed for the Yorkshire Forward regional development
 +agency, to help partnerships evaluate progress towards genuine community
 +involvement and ensure that the benefits of their work get to the people
 +who need them most. Available for download from this page.
 +[Connor Development
 +Consultant Dr Desmond M. Connor shares over 20 years experience of what
 +works and what doesn'​t in public consultation and conflict resolution.
 +[Our partnership](http://​​) Development of this
 +UK site has been led by the Civil Service College Directorate,​ the
 +National Council for Voluntary Organisations and the Voluntary Sector
 +National Training Organisation to create "a community for individuals,​
 +networks and organisations interested in learning more about making
 +partnerships work." A five stage partnership lifecycle - connecting,
 +contracting,​ conflict, collaborating,​ closing - is used to organise much
 +of the material for an online course.
 +For recent research commissioned by the UK Department of Environment,​
 +Transport and the Regions on public participation in local government
 +see <​http://​​research/​particip.htm>​
 +The Tenant Participation Advisory Service <​http://​>​
 +provides news of publications,​ events, training and consultancy
 +[](http://​ is being developed by the UK
 +Government'​s Neighbourhood Renewal Unit to provide to provide an
 +independent,​ evidence based view of what works and what doesn'​t in
 +neighbourhood renewal. The 'how to' section has material on building
 +partnerships and working in partnership.
 +Back to [Partnerships and Participation](index).
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