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Communities Online partners and sponsors

UK Communities Online is grateful for the support received from the following partners and sponsors. Details of the early activities involved are set out in the history of Communities Online.

BT Community Partnership. £5000 for the 1995 Communities Online conference, £1000 for the publication Inventing the Future, and £18,000 for further development of a Communities Online network, Web site, discussion lists and publications.

**BT Labs** **community networks team** and DTI IT for All Campaign. £5000 each for further development of the Web site and How you can use IT in the Community.

Department of National Heritage. £4000 for development of the Getting Connected Project, with the Community Development Foundation and and British Association for Social Settlements and Centres.

IBM. Support of cash, secondment, equipment and other assistance totalling £100,000 in 1998.

GPT. Support of cash and help in kind totalling £25,000 during 1998.

Pavilion Internet. Facilities for this Web site.

Loud 'n Clear and Computer Access. Support in creating discussion lists.

Department of Trade and Industry. £87,000 July 1997 - March 1998 for development of the Communities Online Campaign.

Aston Charities Trust Ltd. Support throughout in the development of UK Communities Online.

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