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 +# Developing better digital public services through user involvement
 +January 14, 2010
 +Following a critical review of [Directgov](http://​ -
 +the Government’s central online portal - the official consumer champion
 +[Consumer Focus](http://​​) promised a campaign
 +to ensure that users of digital public services get a better experience
 +in future.
 +What’s needed to achieve this, Consumer Focus believes, is a stronger
 +user perspective on digital service delivery from the very start.
 +Consumer Focus have now commissioned the team at Social by Social to
 +explore how this might be achieved with a workshop next month, and
 +online exchanges, leading to a guide drawing on a wide range of ideas
 +from innovators in the field.
 +I’ll be working with Amy Sample Ward, and with Lauren Ivory who
 +organised the recent
 +[myPublicServices](http://​​) unconference
 +for Patient Opinion.
 +Over the next few weeks we’ll be pulling together past research in this
 +field, talking to people inside and outside government, both central and
 +local, who are concerned with digital public services, and planning a
 +workshop for late February.
 +This will be an open process, so we’ll be using this site and other ways
 +to invite contributions,​ report progress and hopefully catalyse some
 +creative thinking and collaborations.
 +If you want to get involved, please join the [Digital Public Services
 +group here](http://​​group/​digitalpublicservices)
 +on To keep in touch, follow @socialbysocial and the
 +twitter tag \#digips
 +We’ll shortly explain more about the approach we’ve agreed with Consumer
 +Focus, and the nature and timing of the workshop.
 +Meanwhile do of course drop a comment here. If you tweet about this,
 +please include \#digips
 +This is by way of a holding post, so that we have something to point to
 +when we start talking to people … so please excuse lack of detail. The
 +idea is we follow the principles of user involvement,​ and evolve with
 +anyone interested.
 +In that spirit, content is currently the responsibility of the project
 +team, and should not be taken to reflect Consumer Focus policy or
 +The report: [Does Directgov
 +Commentable version [here](http://​​).
 +[The campaign](http://​​category/​discussion-paper/​join-the-campaign)
 +[Digital public services group at](http://​​group/​digitalpublicservices)
 +Digital public services [on Twitter](http://​​search?​q=%23digips)
 +[Beginnings of a wiki here](http://​​)
 +[Project team contact info](http://​​Contact+us)
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