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 +# Government offers to convene local communities workshops
 +August 3, 2009
 +The Department for Communities and Local Government - which funds both
 +community-based programmes and local government projects - is offering
 +to convene one or more workshops in the autumn to help join-up the many
 +innovative programmes in the field of social tech for community benefit.
 +I highlighted the [main ones on our wiki](http://​​Who%27s+who) and [in the discussion post
 +They are Community Voices (Media Trust); DC10plus; Local 2.0 (Young
 +Foundation);​ RSA Connected Communities;​ Talk About Local; Timely
 +Information to Citizens; IDeA/local authorities.\
 +Anthonio Irranca from CLG responded, saying: "… there are a number of
 +policy teams in the department keen to promote the use of social
 +technology for community empowerment and democratic renewal.\
 + "​There’s clearly scope for collaboration among CLG-funded projects, and
 +others you have started to identify
 +“As a first step, my team in CLG would like to help convene a workshop
 +in the Autumn (and possibly one or more follow up events) where project
 +leaders within and outside CLG could get-together and map out who is
 +doing what, and how to achieve the greatest benefit from the programmes
 +for local communities”.\
 +Antonio asks, as a first step, whether people in this community would
 +welcome the idea (if so, please [drop a
 +in the forum).\
 +I personally think it would be a great help. The various programmes are
 +aiming to do some or all of:\
 + \* research what’s already happening in localities\
 + \* identify “what works”\
 + \* provide funding and/or training for local projects\
 + \* run national and regional events\
 + \* develop howtos or toolkits\
 + \* set up online networks\
 +Will this all go on in parallel? I know that Talk About Local is
 +planning an event, while Media Trust and Young Foundation are
 +considering doing something together. That may turn out to be what’s
 +needed, but the CLG initiative could help check out where programmes
 +could combines forces on research, events, toolkits etc … and where
 +that’s not going to be useful.\
 +All of these programmes are ultimately meant to help local enthusiasts -
 +mainly volunteers - develop innovative approaches to local democracy and
 +community development. I think that’s best done by collaborating to give
 +people some joined-up systems of help and funding - not all in one
 +place, but not duplicated unnecessarily.\
 +Steps off digital soapbox …
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