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 +# How about joining up with the European Media Coaches?
 +October 25, 2009
 +I spent a few days last week at a [European conference on media
 +literacy](http://​​),​ at the invitation of Ed Klute who
 +runs the excellent trans-European [Media Coaches
 +network](http://​​mediacoaches/​mediacoaches.php). I came
 +away thinking there could be really useful connections with local
 +progammes over here, including [Talk About
 +Local](http://​​welcome-2/​) and [Community
 +<iframe allowfullscreen="​allowfullscreen"​ frameborder="​0"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​AT781mztTlk"​ width="​420">​
 +Media Coaches are digital mentors who are trained to work with
 +colleagues in schools, libraries and other public bodies to help with
 +basic Internet skills and use of social media. We had a great session
 +playing a version of the social media game, as you can see above. I
 +think the reporting back I videod from the discussion groups will strike
 +a cord with others who have played the game, and show some similarities
 +in neighbourhood issues across Europe. You can see [those reports
 +<iframe allowfullscreen="​allowfullscreen"​ frameborder="​0"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​3XMjwhmBcs0"​ width="​420">​
 +I also talked to Peter de Groot and Simon Strömberg about the changing
 +local media scene. Peter teaches media economics, while Simon works in
 +the field for the Culture Administration in Stockholm. The message from
 +Peter was clear: journalists entering the profession - or aiming to stay
 +in it - have to work across media and be capable of working in print,
 +radio, video, online and with mobile devices.\
 +Simon says the see the rise of the communications social entrepreneur:​
 +young people working on their own or in small companies who may take on
 +a mix of roles … sometimes journalist, sometimes doing other work. While
 +they may be operating in the same space as the community-based
 +activists, they are looking to earn a living rather than campaign on a
 +particular topic. However they are all using social media that will, in
 +different ways, bring social change.
 +<iframe allowfullscreen="​allowfullscreen"​ frameborder="​0"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​PPThApcOkZk"​ width="​420">​
 +Talking to Judith Heykers about Community Media Centres in The Hague
 +revealed a lot of similarities with UK online centres, and the work of
 +[People’s Voice Media](http://​​) in the North
 +I think we pay far too little attention to developments in Europe …
 +probably because it’s just much easier to connect with the US and other
 +English-speaking countries. However, all the Media Coaches I met were
 +shamingly fluent in English, and if we just got together we would learn
 +a lot and help build a much stronger network across Europe of people
 +really passionate about the potential of social media for community
 +How about organising an unconference next year and inviting people over?
 +Or just making sure we extend invitations to any future events in the
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