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 +# Mapping who’s who, and who was who in community tech
 +September 16, 2009
 +While blogging a piece about this network over [on](http://​​p=656) I dug around for
 +some earlier links to developments in the last century, when the web was
 +young but interest in its local application was even higher than now.
 +As well as a [story of developments in the mid
 +I found a listing of “organisations,​ web sites, forums and programmes
 +that may be useful to those developing community technology initiatives
 +for localities, centres, nonprofit organisations or networks” that I
 +pulled together in 2001. You can [view it
 +thanks to
 +At [Monday’s
 +we’ll be mapping who’s who in 2009, led by Will Perrin, who has a good
 +view of the landscape from his [time in Cabinet
 +Office](http://​​p=575) and more recently with [Talk
 +About Local](http://​​)
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