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 +# Videos from the workshop - and much thanks
 +September 22, 2009
 +Briefly - thanks to everyone who hosted, helped organise, and turned up
 +and talked so enthusiastically at yesterday’s workshop. I’ve [uploaded
 +videos](http://​​video/​video) with minimum
 +description in the hope that those who presented might like to add their
 +own content.
 +Please either add a comment under the video, or even better create a
 +blog post, embed the video and tell us more about what you said … or
 +wanted to say.
 +Amy and I will reflect further on what might be next … but please don’t
 +hold back on your ideas in the meantime.
 +Julian Dobson has a [really thoughtful post over
 +Now off to a lecture at the RSA about the Internet, followed by a
 +discussion in the bar. Sometimes the old ways of communicating are the
 +best …
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