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 +# What shall we tag localcommunities?​ It’s part of our identify …
 +September 18, 2009
 +This may seem a trivial issue for those of us less than obsessive about
 +social media and the way to connect its many bits and pieces … but what
 +tag should we attach to blog posts, tweets, photos, videos etc that may
 +come out of [Monday’s
 +workshop](http://​​events/​local-communities) and
 +other discussions?​\
 +A tag is a keyword or abbreviation you can add to a twitter message,
 +and/or add to the tag fields in blog posts etc so that other people can
 +easily search and pull together relevant content from a lot of different
 +places. Amy Sample Ward [explains a lot of
 +in the Social by Social book [now available as a free download
 +For example, I was at a meeting of the IDeA Knowledge Hub Advisory Group
 +yesterday, and if you search on Twitter for khub [you get
 +Choosing a tag can be tricky, however. Digitalengagement has generally
 +worked well for those of us over on [the digitalengagement
 +network](http://​,​ but also collected a lot, as
 +I recall, about a US book on engagement marketing. Noise - or useful
 +Localcommunities isn’t being used by anyone else as far as I can see,
 +but it is a bit long and takes up a lot of your allowable 140 characters
 +in twitter.\
 +I think “localsocial” would be good … but then I remembered someone at
 +yesterday’s khub meeting saying “social” can be a big turn off in
 +council because it equates with Facebook … which [may even be
 +Technically a tag is [metadata](http://​​wiki/​Metadata):​
 +practically it’s a bit of shared identity, so it’s worth being
 +thoughtful in choosing it. What do you think?\
 +[Twitter explanation here](http://​​twitter). Other
 +explanations of tagging very welcome, I’m not an expert.\
 +If you are really interested in why tagging is as important today as
 +yesterday’s invention of library classification systems, see [Everything
 +is Miscellaneous](http://​​) by David
 +If you have just a few minutes, and the ability to view video (blocked
 +within some public bodies I know), see how the whole thing is explained
 +in five minutes 29 seconds by Michael Wesch [on
 +### Information R/evolution
 +<iframe allowfullscreen="​allowfullscreen"​ frameborder="​0"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​​embed/​-4CV05HyAbM"​ width="​420"></​iframe>​
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