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The pages in this section will cover ‘real world’ community, with links to the Communities Online section about how the Internet and other new technologies may help community development and partnerships. Already here:

An Introduction to Partnerships

A brief overview of the nature of local partnership organisations,

An A-Z of Partnerships explains some of the terms used

Creating a Development Trust

A set of information sheets on how to set up one of the most successful forms of local partnership.

The Guide to Effective Participation

A comprehensive guide to the wider issues of community involvement.

Greg Smith’s book Community and Communitarianism

Community futures.

Articles and links about what the Information Society may mean for communities, inlcuding the interim report of the INSINC committee on social inclusion.

Internet Web sites, prepared by the Bede Island Community Association.

Articles from the How you can use IT in the community

Getting your organisation on line. Some frequently asked questions (and answers)

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