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Provocation 4

Turn the challenge of learning about technology into a new social opportunity - and make it fun.

Learning how to use digital technology can be challenging. It takes time, and having someone to help can be important. Loneliness and isolation are a big challenge later in life. By getting together so learning becomes a social experience we can achieve benefits on both fronts, and enjoy the experience as well.

The online world can offer new social connections that help combat loneliness and social isolation - but people usually most value some personal contact. Learning about digital technology can be tough on your own - and much research and discussion emphasises the value of learning from each other. The benefits of combining learning and sociability, and of learning from peers is well understood.

This might be done through a formal session, supported by a tutor - or through an informal social media surgery where those with experience help those completely new to digital technology, or wishing to develop new skills. There is research to support this approach, some provision but also a consensus that more is needed. An added benefit of learning within a group, especially an established peer group, is that the support can be ongoing rather than simply front-loaded.

Challenge: how could more be done to blend formal and informal approaches to make learning about digital technology a social experience, and one that might provide continuing help?\ Comments, resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded below\ View the story “4 Turn the challenge of learning into a social opportunity” on Storify

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