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Provocation 7

Enable carers and care services - both for direct use of technology and to act as proxies.

More could be achieved by integrating digital technology into services, and supporting carers in their use of technology. This will be increasingly important as older people who are not connected may require proxy helpers to use online public services.

There is great potential for digital technologies to be used to improve care, from helping the helpers develop digital skills and better connecting the social care market, to innovative projects that use digital technology to share caring and provide employment for carers. Similarly older patients using services like Patient Opinion to make their needs known can inform service providers.

The organisation Digital Unite specialises in helping older people use technology, and managing director Emma Solomon emphasises from their experience how important it is to provide the basic starter resources for learners and intermediaries, as well as to innovate. This support is needed on a continuing basis. Emma wrote on our ideas forum that there has been progress in the last decade, however:

  • some things remain stubbornly persistent; we still meet resistance from scheme staff who dont have the time or the skills themselves to support residents we might be working with. And basic digital skills and digital intermediary skills are not yet, always, hard wired into the organisations they work for. We dont so much need more new technology to get round this as a concerted and sustained push on practical, comprehensive, basic digital skills and support mechanisms. That may not be sexy or cutting edge, but that doesnt mean its not important.

Challenge: how can digital technology be used to enable existing care services and carers, and support different models of social care.\ Comments, resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded below\ View the story “7 Enable carers and care services” on Storify

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