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Theme 1

Developing personal and community use of digital technology can help us feel valued and valuable

Changes in family or employment circumstances, perhaps coupled with reducing physical or mental capabilities, may diminish ones sense of personal value and identity later in life. There may be more time to pursue personal interests, but for some people being able to contribute something to others can also be important. Digital technology can support new social and well as personal interests in this regard.

Community and voluntary organisations depend heavily on older people as volunteers, and older people may be willing to participate in innovative approaches to local community building using digital technology, if this is combined with some support. Focussing on how digital technology can enable older people to contribute to their community offers benefits for them, and for their communities.

The first five of our provocations provide ideas that are particularly relevant and expand the ideas in this theme - together with number 8. Start with friends and family.\ Reference for this theme on Storify - and embedded below\ View the story “T1 Digital technology can help us feel valued and valuable” on Storify

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