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Theme 2

Changing circumstances and transitions in later life may be times when digital technology is most valuable

Change and transitions between different life events provides many challenging times, whether as a result of retirement, health, bereavement, re-locating to live with children or moving into a care home. These cross-over geographic and age boundaries, but provide moments where support is most needed to address challenges. Its interesting to note that these moments of transition are also felt by young people - perhaps when homeless, seeking job, becoming a parent. Indeed it may be a key challenge across age groups, though perhaps dealt with differently based upon age, experience and situation.

A Nominet Trust research report On the Periphery? into young people who are at points of transition, and not able to connect with and use the online world, provides an in-depth analysis of the issues and peoples preferences and a range of suggestions for support.

During our exploration Gransnet, the online network for grandparents, ran a discussion on peoples greatest concerns about getting old, and how technology can help. Gransnet editor Geraldine Bedell summarised the concerns as Ageism, Poverty/hardship, Loneliness, Health and Care, Uncertainty about roles - with technology being both a concern and offering benefits.

The spontaneous contributions to the forum gave a lively picture of peoples day-to-day use of technology, and how this changed as they became older and how it could change their lives for the better.

Provocations 1,3,4,6,7 offer some ideas for how to make the best use of digital technology during transitions in life.

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