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Co-designing with a clear purpose will improve usability and relevance of digital technology later in life

Although its clear that we shouldnt simply use age as a starting point for designing interventions, there are some specific usability requirements that become apparent at different life stages. There are already a range of projects, tools and resources that can be useful for people later in life - but the challenge is to ensure they are actually usable and relevant. Working with a range of people of different ages, interests and circumstances should enable us to achieve that in the redesign of existing hardware and software tools, or the create of new products and projects.

We expand on these issues in provocations 1,2 3, 5 - and suggest in 10 that those who are providing training and support will have many insights and insights that could provide a good starting point.

Reference for this theme on Storify - and embedded below\ View the story “T 5 Designing for a purpose” on Storify

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