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Big Lottery Fund and Ageing Better

During the early stages of the exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age we focused on the Big Lottery Fund's £82 million Ageing Better programme, and how that might benefit from inclusion of more on digital technology, and knowledge sharing. At the start of the programme, there wasn't evidence of support for either. Posts about BIG below.

We later found that the Centre for Ageing Better, funded with £50 million from BIG, had no mention of digital technology in its consultation paper either. Summary of posts about the Centre here

Blog posts about BIG, technology, and online learning

Promise from Big Lottery Fund of a wider conversation about digital inclusion and Accelerating Ideas BIG promises to open up discussion on its community platform about digital champions, and welcomes contributions about Accelerating Ideas. 10/9/2015 on

Digital Champions Consortium supported by Big Lottery Fund promises wider collaboration on digital inclusion The announcement this week of a £2 million investment by Big Lottery Fund to create hundreds of digital champions is an achievement for the organisations involved, and for BIG staff. 10/9/2015 on

Digital inclusion can help address loneliness and #AgeingBetter - if co-designed with older people The Big Lottery Fund report on Ageing in the UK suggests that any use of digital technology to help combat loneliness should be developed in the context of older people's preferences for traditional media, phones, and email. That throws up a challenge for BIG policy teams that might best be addressed through simulations and co-design, as well as a review of “what works”. 7/08/2015 on mediablends

The Big Lottery Fund highlights role of digital technology in AgeingBetter The Big Lottery Fund has started a welcome discussion about how it can integrate technology into projects that it funds in order to help combat loneliness and promote wellbeing. 6/08/2015 on

Earlier posts

Big Lottery Fund soft launches online community – and advertises an interesting job The Big Lottery Fund has opened up its online community platform for testing, and advertising a community manager post. 16/02/2015 on Socialreporter

Deep conversation needed on BIG’s Ageing Better community platform. How about asking people in for a coffee? Face to face conversations are needed about the online community. 22/10/2014 on Socialreporter

BIG plans to host an #AgeingBetter online community. Open, closed, connected …? Fist news that the Big Lottery Fund will be providing some support for online sharing of stories and experience. 21/10/2014 on Socialreporter

How about a digital innovation network for #AgeingBetter The Big Lottery Fund Ageing Better programme would benefit from a network about the potential for digital innovation. October 2014 Mediablends

Building a knowledge sharing network about Ageing Better from the ground up How we might develop a networked approach to knowledge sharing. 14/10/2014 on Socialreporter

Why BIG’s #ageingbetter programme needs added digital innovation Arguing for some digital innovation and knowledge sharing in the £82 million Ageing Better programme. 07/10/2014 on Socialreporter

How BIG could digitally amplify the impact of its £82 million investment tackling social isolation The Big Lottery Fund's programme would benefit from an innovative approach to promote storytelling and learning. 21/09/2014 on Socialreporter

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