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Congratulations and engagement ideas for new Centre for Ageing Better CEO Dr Anna Dixon - it's time for a different style

Published on 18/06/2015

Summary: The new CEO for the Centre for Ageing Better is already seeking ideas on Twitter, and is a champion for helping service users voice their interests and concerns. That should help the Centre develop its engagement strategy.

The announcement by the Centre for Ageing Better that Dr Anna Dixon will be its new CEO has gone down well on Twitter, with a flurry of congratulatory and “inspired appointment” tweets.

The Centre said in its announcement:

Anna is a highly respected and well-known figure in health policy and has a successful track record of working at the highest levels of government to bring about positive change. Throughout her career she has been committed to ensuring the voice and needs of the citizen and patients are at the heart of her work.

> She was most recently Chief Analyst and Director of Strategy at the Department of Health. Her key responsibilities were to support evidence-based decision-making, to provide strategic direction to the health and care system, and to enable the views of patients and users to inform policy and practice.

> Prior to this Anna spent 7 years as a Director at The King’s Fund leading research and policy work. Her personal research has included studies on how to improve patient choice and engagement, the integration of health and social care, changing health behaviours, and reducing health inequalities.

This looks like a double win for the Centre, which lost its first CEO after a few months, and has since been rather limited in its public engagement, while managing start-up and recruitment with limited staffing. Not only does its new CEO have a strong track record in policy and ensuring patients have a voice, @DrAnnaDixon is already asking for ideas on Twitter in response to Shirley Ayres:

Congrats to @DrAnnaDixon newly appointed CEO of the Centre for Ageing Better - we really need @BetterAgeing to start making an impact!

>@shirleyayres @BetterAgeing that's my aim. To have a positive impact. Start 1 sept. Where do you think the Centre can have biggest impact?

The Centre's consultation strategy, published earlier this year, lacked any mention of digital technology, and the @BetterAgeing account has been very quiet. Centre staff responded with good grace to challenges on this from Shirley Ayres, me and others - reference below - and I'm hoping for another meeting shortly to follow up some of the ideas we generated. Since then Age Action Alliance has supported the idea of a learning network for the Digital Age, and I hope there may be scope for some cooperation there.


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