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Digital Age Learning Network

One of the outcomes of the exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age with Age Action Alliance has been the idea of a learning network. That took off in two linked directions:

Firstly, the Alliance endorsed the idea, because many of its groups are likely to find technology on their agenda, as we suggested here. The idea of a network within the Alliance is that it would:

  • Operate across topic groups to help take forward ideas from the exploration, particularly for addressing social isolation and developing stronger, age-friendly communities
  • Support practical learning among members in the use of digital tools and network methods
  • Identify opportunities for specific initiatives in association with other groups

More about the network

Secondly, with support from the Alliance and Age UK, we were able to organise a networking event on July 28 2015, to develop ideas in more detail. We then ran a further event with Alliance groups in September, and began to map who's who and who is interested in what.

Blog posts about learning networks

During the early stages of the exploration we focused on the Big Lottery Fund's £82 million Ageing Better programme, and how that might benefit from inclusion of more on digital technology, and knowledge sharing.

How BIG could digitally amplify the impact of its £82 million investment tackling social isolation The Big Lottery Fund's programme would benefit from an innovative approach to promote storytelling and learning. 21/09/2014 on Socialreporter

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BIG plans to host an #AgeingBetter online community. Open, closed, connected …? Fist news that the Big Lottery Fund will be providing some support for online sharing of stories and experience. 21/10/2014 on Socialreporter

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Big Lottery Fund soft launches online community – and advertises an interesting job The Big Lottery Fund has opened up its online community platform for testing, and advertising a community manager post. 16/02/2015 on Socialreporter

Once the Big Lottery Fund had launched its online community, it became clear that it would mainly serve those receiving BIG grants, so we looked at other approaches, including working with the local government knowledge hub.

Where's best to evolve ideas on tech for Living Well - a hub or a network? There's currently no focus for discussion, and little cross-discipline networking, around issues of digital technology and living well. Could the public service Knowledge Hub provide an online platform - or would it be better to adopt a more networky light-weight solution like 12/05/2015 on

Developing a Digital Age Learning Network with Age Action Alliance AAA is supporting development of a cross-topic learning network on Living Well in the Digital Age following our exploration. 8/06/2015 on

More talent at the Knowledge Hub - but how to join up with Twitter? Knowledge Hub is becoming the safe and trusted online space for local government discussion. The challenge remains how to join up spaces with networks like Twitter. 11/06/2015 on

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