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Mapping ideas

During the exploration into how technology may enable us to have a better later life - later developed as Living Well in the Digital Age - we used an online forum to collect ideas, sparked by the challenges we developed.

These were the initial challenges to spark ideas for action - with more detail here

  • Promote greater understanding of ways that technology is changing the world that we all live in
  • Influence current digital inclusion programmes towards an approach that recognises the importance of familiar technology, mobile devices, and personalised routes towards adoption.
  • Encourage and support organisations in the ageing field in the use of social technology
  • Facilitate conversations and stories that make it easier to develop inclusive discussion of digital inclusion and innovation
  • Make better use of existing assets - research, practical experience and innovative projects that could be scaled.
  • Promote ways to introduce innovation into the Big Lottery Fund’s Ageing Better programme, and other programmes.

The ideas forum is here >

We then mapped ideas to show how they can be connected and clustered. We'll be reviewing how to move forward in next stage of Living Well in the Digital Age. Blog here

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