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Networking about living well in the digital age

Update: Here's a blog post about our event on July 28. In summary: lots of energy in our Digital Networking event this week, but where next? A networking of freelances, or a networked campaign for #ageingdigital? The challenge lies in joining up, rather than starting up something new. read more

About 30 of us are meeting in London on the afternoon of July 28 2015 to discuss how we can make use of digital technology for a better later life - and how to build stronger communities to provide support for living well at any age.

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Background to the event

Our exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age over the past nine months yielded two main strands for development:

  • Proposals for local Living Labs that would bring together maps, apps and storytelling to build stronger, friendly communities More >
  • Initial plans for a Digital Age Learning Network More >

Full details of the exploration here>

Provision agenda

We'll start at 1.30 with tea, coffee and some networking, then:

Original invitation below

An invitation to networking about living well in the digital age

Meeting at Age UK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London on 28th July 2015 from 1.30pm – 5.00pm.

We now have some 20 years experience of community and social technology - so how can we combine experience from the past with new ideas and tools for Living Well in the Digital Age?

This is an invitation from a group of digital enthusiasts to meet others exploring practical ideas for reducing social isolation and addressing the challenges of ageing - in order to share ideas and develop new opportunities.

At the event we’ll build on two strands emerging from a nine-month exploration with Age Action Alliance into Living Well in the Digital Age:

  • a flexible model for combining community development, maps, apps, storytelling and other methods locally to help build stronger communities and to combat loneliness. This includes support for both personal and organisational use of technology.
  • using those and other collaborative methods nationally to create more opportunities for independent innovators - as well as the bigger players in all sectors. This event is a start.

Before the event we’ll invite you - if you wish - to share what you can offer, and where you find ideas and resources, so we can start to build a map of people, projects and resources to feed discussion and connect afterwards. We’ll discuss on the day how that may work.

Then in September we'll invite any Age Action Alliance groups that may be interested to join in further mapping and networking.

At the event you’ll definitely meet David Wilcox, Drew Mackie, John Popham, Paul Webster - and up to 25 other people.

Spaces are limited, so please reply asap saying yes if you can come, or indicate whether you would like to hear more about networking online if you can’t make it.

Thanks to AAA groups and secretariat for support, and Age UK for hosting this independent event.

Before the event we are asking those attending to fill in a simple form about their connections and interests, so that we can develop a network map. There's be a further opportunity during the event to complete the survey.

Contact: David Wilcox

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