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Next steps in our Living Well exploration

Originally posted on Mediablends 24/03/2015

Next Friday we'll take a major step forward in our exploration of Living Well in the Digital Age, with a workshop hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government. It's a joint affair with our exploration partners, the Digital Inclusion Group of Age Action Alliance.

The first part of the workshop will be an explanation from DCLG of their Grey Cells model, which I wrote about here.

Drew Mackie and I will then follow through with a demonstration of the simulation we've developed to help people plan local Living Labs. There's a briefing paper here.

The simulation is based in part on one we ran with Globalnet21 and LGIU - reported here - using our ficitious town of Slipham.

We won't be able to run a full simulation, but we will be able to look at how we could take on the role of a group of organisations in Slipham that have bid unsuccessfully for funds to create a Living Well programme for older people.
The Slipham group decide to go ahead anyway - using the latest thinking on frugal innovation, crowdsourcing ideas, co-design, and use of digital technology.

As you'll see from the briefing paper, we'll have some props on hand including fictitious personas and organisations, and a map of local assets and relationships.

The workshop should help inform further development of this and other simulations that can form part of a local Living Lab process.

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