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Living Well in the Digital Age

Update on the exploration we’ve undertaken since September 2014 with the Digital Inclusion Group of Age Action Alliance. David Wilcox and Drew Mackie May 1 2015

You are now invited to help start a map of connectors, explorers and specialists.

  • All information, including papers and blog posts, is now summarised in a wiki.
  • Papers below on practical ideas for using digital technology, and network mapping.
  • Blog posts cover our workshop with DCLG, why tech is important to funders and policy makers, and an invite to meet the Centre for Ageing Better interim CEO.
  • We've drafted a proposal to a major funder, and a longer paper setting out the idea of a Kit, Living Labs and Connectors.

Next steps

Our new paper on a Kit, Living Labs and Connectors includes the summary of a draft proposal to a major funder. We'll be discussing these and other ideas at a meeting on May 7 with Greg Wilkinson, interim CEO for the Centre for Ageing Better, following exchanges, reported below, on the lack of any mention of digital technology in their strategy consultation paper.

Here's how you can help further development: it's clear from the exploration that we need to join up ideas, resources and action in several fields - including digital technology, health and care, community building, storytelling, systems thinking and innovation. In our paper we explain why we believe that's best started by mapping - and then helping to connect - people who are specialists or connectors in those fields, or who just want to learn together.

If you would like to pilot that mapping - or have other ideas - please drop me an email and we'll get back to you with further information. Drew is working on a simple survey form and explanation. More contacts details.

Papers and blog posts

Paper on a Kit, Living Labs and Connectors We aim to develop a kit, and testbed local Labs, to blend digital technology with traditional methods for community development and Living Well - making the most of what we have; telling stories and encouraging creative conversations; building relationships through networks. In doing that we need to connect people with different areas of expertise locally and nationally.

Practical ideas for making sense of technology for Care, Ageing Better and Living Well. Local councils and partnerships will increasingly be faced with the challenge of deciding what technology solutions to develop and promote for care, health and wellbeing in their community. Here's some ideas on how to approach those issues.

Networks paper online and as a download. The Internet provides the potential for extending and enhancing our personal and professional networks - offering scope for reducing social isolation, building community relationships, and supporting cooperation between and within organisations. However, to realise the potential of networks we need to understand more about their nature, how to analyse, map and build them.

Switching focus from Ageing Better to Living Well with tech: it's all personal Explaining the shift of focus from programmes to personal use of technology with links to our interim report. 18/2/2015

We held a workshop with the DCLG Grey Cells Open Policy Making Initiative. Briefing paper explaining the idea of Living Labs, and workshop report . 27/3/2015

Theoretical post on the idea of toolkits, operating systems and Government as a platform, connecting thinking about Living Labs and the DCLG Grey Cells blueprint. 04/04/2015

Practical ideas for making sense of technology in Care, Living Well and #AgeingBetter Blog post and longer paper about technology solutions to develop and promote services for care, health and wellbeing in local communities. 16/04/2015

Why #AgeingBetter funders and policy makers should embrace digital technology The Centre for Ageing Better’s recent consultation paper has no mention of technology. This post included ideas and resources showing why tech is important. 21/04/2015

Twitter helps \@BetterAgeing Centre engage with potential for digital innovation in #AgeingBetter The Centre for Ageing Better has reponded positively to a Twitter discussion about the lack of reference to digital technology in its strategy, offering a meeting. 22/04/2015

How do we shift from yet more research and reports to innovation in #AgeingBetter? Ideas please If we believe yet more old-style research and reports isn't the way to promote greater innovation for living well in the digital age, how can we help organisations like the Centre for Ageing Better make the change? 23/04/2015 |

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