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How do we shift from yet more research and reports to innovation in AgeingBetter? Ideas please

Published on April 23 2015

Summary: if we believe yet more old-style research and reports isn't the way to promote greater innovation for living well in the digital age, how can we help organisations like the Centre for Ageing Better make the change? Ideas please

Yesterday's post about the Centre for Ageing Better opening up its consultation process prompted a cogent response from Mike Clark, and agreement from Shirley Ayres.

@shirleyayres tweeted: "@clarkmike @davidwilcox @betterageing our sector desperately looking for #connectedcare & great innovation rather than more reports I agree"

I agree too. Mike and Shirley are two of the most respected people promoting the potential of digital technology in the fields of social care, ageing and well-being, so I'm keen to follow up.

We've been invited to meet the interim CEO of the Centre, Greg Wilkinson, in a few weeks - so how about our own open process to gather ideas on how to move from yet more research and reports to sharing and implementing real innovation. Examples of both in these resources.

We three - and many others in the discussion - are freelances, driven in the first instance by personal passion rather than funding (though we need that too). So how can we best gather ideas and exert some influence?

Should we go for more discussion on Twitter? Organise a meetup? Develop a simple ideas forum like the one started here? Use the Big Lottery Fund online community?

I'm just talking at this stage about the process of trying to influence a shift from old worldview to a different way of doing things, more relevant to the digital age as I outlined in exchanges with the Centre

1 Typical pre-digital view

  • technology isn't important
  • change is delivered by big well-funded organisations
  • in order to develop programmes you need to undertake yet more research and extract evidence
  • not much will have changed by the time you decide what to deliver
  • delivery involves top-level partnerships with a lot of funding
  • older people should be consulted via focus groups and similar techniques
  • organisations in the ageing field are the best route to older people
  • as a start-up you can ignore social media and online presence

2 A digital age view

  • technology is rapidly changing the world we all live in, not least the way public services are delivered, consumers are served, families and friends communicate, support is provided
  • technology can provide personal solutions, and already older people, acting as consumers, are developing those.
  • sustainable and scalable innovation will come from a frugal approach
  • change will come by empowering older people as service users and innovators, and those who directly support them
  • there is already plenty of research and innovation, but it isn't widely shared
  • as a start up direct contact with your customers and beneficiaries is crucial in understand your market, and imperative if it their money you are burning.

Do you agree we need a shift … or at least a better mix? As a start, if you respond on Twitter to the tweet generated @davidwilcox by this post, your response should curate underneath. Or just drop a comment on this site. Thanks again to Shirley and Mike for helping start the shift.

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