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Storylines from the exploration

Presentation by David Wilcox at Digital Age Networking event July 28 2015

The exploration

  • Started with a brief from Nominet Trust
  • Carried on with Age Action Alliance
  • A mix of events and online activity
  • No specific funding
  • Aiming to find main storylines and opportunities

Storylines - challenges

  • Enormous opportunities for personal use - but much support is formal
  • Local services and communities needs digital enabling - but little leadership
    * Ageing industry largely ignoring digital opportunities - and very competitive
  • No evident policy lead in government

Storylines - opportunities

  • Think social ecologies and ways to understand and animate them - maps, apps, stories
  • Look to consumers, independents, industry for energy
  • Use creative co-design methods
  • See “age” as a testing ground that provides insights for everyone

What next?

  • Age Action Alliance groups in September
  • Talking to Centre for Ageing Better
  • Working in Croydon
  • Proposal to BIG

What interests do you have?

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