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These project descriptions were written by US-based Terry Grunwald for the Scottish Communities Channel in 2001, but are now longer available there. We plan to update here shortly.

Local History or Genealogy Projects

Online History or Genealogy Projects are an excellent way to introduce residents in a community - especially senior citizens - to ICT. These projects provide tools to exploit existing interests and have proved popular in a variety of settings and cultures. However, don’t limit participation to seniors. This is a way to get all generations engaged in their family and community history - and technology as well. More >

Technology Projects for Older People

Too often, technology is considered to be “for the kids”, but on the Internet, the fastest growing population are persons 55 years and older. Older citizens have found many reasons to embrace the Net and communities can easily create projects to serve the needs of pensioners. More >

Technology Projects for Young People

Technology Projects for Young People are probably the most popular ICT projects launched in communities. Most young people have been introduced to technology in their school environment, so community-based efforts often supplement and enhance basic skills learned in the classroom. They also offer an opportunity for young people who don¹t have a computer at home to expand their experience on the Net. These projects take many forms and are among the most innovative projects available in a community. More >

E-commerce projects

The first thing to understand about E-commerce is that it is about more than selling things on the Internet. It’s about using online resources and tools to generate income for a community and its businesses. It’s about access to information that will allow businesses to operate more efficiently. It’s about saving money as well as making money online. More >

Services Delivery Projects

Services Delivery Projects help local agencies and voluntary organisations build their ICT capacity in order to deliver services more effectively. This support for local organisations can have a major impact on the well being of the special needs populations they serve. More >

Literacy through Technology Programmes

Despite the wonders of the Internet, people’s ability to use it in ways that can improve their lives is limited by literacy barriers. At the same time, technology can serve as a tool for learning programmes that address literacy and numeracy needs within communities. More >

Online Learning Projects

Online Learning opportunities have mushroomed in recent years. However, many local residents lack access to computers and the Internet and require support services to use them effectively. More >

E-Democracy Projects

E-Democracy Projects offer an opportunity to fulfil an active citizenship vision that includes the whole population. While online forums are growing in influence, it is clear that the existing Internet population is not a microcosm of society. More >

Rural Technology Projects

Rural Areas present both special problems and special opportunities for ICT projects. The infrastructure and facilities may lag behind cities and the local culture can be slower to change. However, the isolation and need for resources offers unique incentives for local residents and organisations to get online. More >

Technology Literacy Projects

Technology Literacy Projects provide basic skills in computer and Internet use. They provide the step-by-step “how-tos” that demystify technology for new learners. In every case, the fear and comfort factor must be taken into account. While it is important to tailor the learning to local special needs populations, local communities should avoid “reinventing the basic wheel” here. There are many curricula available ­ online and through learning access centres. More >

Technology Projects for the Unemployed

Offering community-based ICT projects for the unemployed is one of the most important drivers for local ICT development. Projects can include a range of activities that address everything from basic literacy and numeracy skills development to advanced certification for IT careers. More >


Two new draft briefings on NetActivism and E-democracy are on this site.

Other resources

The Community Informatics Research and Applications Unit at the\ University of Teesside supports a wide range of innovative online projects including e-create. is a new US-based online resource for information, tools and people dedicated to building Internet content that works for low-income and underserved communities.

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