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The RSA has set up a blog to promote online conversations in the run-up to the November 22 event. The welcome message says:

Between now and the 22nd of November we hope the blog will begin to fill out some the themes with:

  • News and opinion around civic innovation; new enlightenment thinking; research; public policy; and innovation.
  • The latest online tools and resources to enable quick, effective connections and enable groups to make smart decisions quickly and flexibly.
  • Interviews with key figures in the RSA and involved in RSA Networks

“We hope this blog will become a hub for reliable information and a channel to other RSA online/offline projects. But mainly we aim to help like-minded fellows to connect, hold conversations and move on to rapid and effective action.”

Below are the latest items from the blog. However, much of the discussion is taking place in comments under the items, and for that you need to visit the site

RSA Networks Blog

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