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Government offers to convene local communities workshops

August 3, 2009

The Department for Communities and Local Government - which funds both community-based programmes and local government projects - is offering to convene one or more workshops in the autumn to help join-up the many innovative programmes in the field of social tech for community benefit.

I highlighted the main ones on our wiki and in the discussion post here. They are Community Voices (Media Trust); DC10plus; Local 2.0 (Young Foundation); RSA Connected Communities; Talk About Local; Timely Information to Citizens; IDeA/local authorities.\

Anthonio Irranca from CLG responded, saying: “… there are a number of policy teams in the department keen to promote the use of social technology for community empowerment and democratic renewal.\ “There’s clearly scope for collaboration among CLG-funded projects, and others you have started to identify here

“As a first step, my team in CLG would like to help convene a workshop in the Autumn (and possibly one or more follow up events) where project leaders within and outside CLG could get-together and map out who is doing what, and how to achieve the greatest benefit from the programmes for local communities”.\

Antonio asks, as a first step, whether people in this community would welcome the idea (if so, please drop a comment in the forum).\

I personally think it would be a great help. The various programmes are aiming to do some or all of:\ * research what’s already happening in localities\ * identify “what works”\ * provide funding and/or training for local projects\ * run national and regional events\ * develop howtos or toolkits\ * set up online networks\

Will this all go on in parallel? I know that Talk About Local is planning an event, while Media Trust and Young Foundation are considering doing something together. That may turn out to be what’s needed, but the CLG initiative could help check out where programmes could combines forces on research, events, toolkits etc … and where that’s not going to be useful.\

All of these programmes are ultimately meant to help local enthusiasts - mainly volunteers - develop innovative approaches to local democracy and community development. I think that’s best done by collaborating to give people some joined-up systems of help and funding - not all in one place, but not duplicated unnecessarily.\

Steps off digital soapbox …

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