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Social by Social blog posts

Posts written by David Wilcox, originally on the Social by Social site, archived here.

A manifestor for online communities and digital inclusion 1999. Republishing a 1999 manifesto in April 2010.

Apps for Good: smartphones solving social problems. Training for young people to develop apps. April 2010.

Developing better digital public services through user involvement. Consumer Focus commissioned the team at Social by Social to explore how a stronger user perspective on digital service delivery might be achieved with a workshop next month, and online exchanges, leading to a guide drawing on a wide range of ideas from innovators in the field. January 2010.

Government offers to convene local communities workshops. The Department for Communities and Local Government - which funds both community-based programmes and local government projects - is offering to convene one or more workshops in the autumn to help join-up the many innovative programmes in the field of social tech for community benefit. August 2009.

How about joining up with the European Media Coaches?. I spent a few days last week at a European conference on media literacy, at the invitation of Ed Klute who runs the excellent trans-European Media Coaches network. I came away thinking there could be really useful connections with local progammes over here, including Talk About Local and Community Voices. September 2010.

Let’s co-design civil society, before government does it for us I’ve been writing a lot at Socialreporter about the Big Society plans promoted by the Conservatives, and now adopted by the new coalition government - backstory here. The plans mean doing more with less public funding, with promised opportunities for charities, social entrepreneurs and volunteers, and a role for social technology both in empowerment and service improvements. May 2010.

Mapping who’s who, and who was who in community tech. While blogging a piece about this network over on I dug around for some earlier links to developments in the last century, when the web was young but interest in its local application was even higher than now. As well as a story of developments in the mid 1990s I found a listing of “organisations, web sites, forums and programmes that may be useful to those developing community technology initiatives for localities, centres, nonprofit organisations or networks” that I pulled together in 2001. You can view it here, thanks to September 2009.

Media Trust recruits for Community Voices - was Digital Mentors. Over on the original localcommunities group - where this network started - Jessica Medling of the Media Trust reports that they are recruiting for the Community Voices (formerly Digital Mentors) programme, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government. July 2009.

Social and community reporters - with other digital gardeners. I’ve been encouraging people who are coming to the workshop on Monday to preview any idea they want to raise … so here’s mine. It’s about the new roles we’ll need for local communication and collaboration … the bundles of skills, attitudes, enthusiasms people will need to make the new tech tools work. In particular the community and social reporters. September 2009.

Social media for public services: how about an Open Innovation Exchange. The Crowdsourced Council event earlier this week was for me interesting at three levels. First for the idea expressed in the name - that councils should use a variety of different methods to find out people’s opinions, engage with them, and improve performance in doing so. Secondly, for a useful demonstrations of tools showing how this might be done. And thirdly some insights into just how difficult it is to introduce these innovative new methods to councils, even when costs are low. I came away with a new/old idea: that we need an open innovation exchange to help entrepreneurs, councils and customer/citizens collaborate to find new ways forward. November 2009.

Talk About Local in Stoke. Last week the the Talk About Local project ran a pilot workshop in Stoke-on-Trent for local people. The national programme will help activists in hundreds of communities use blogs and other social media for information, campaigning, organising and having fun. August 2009.

The tough issues in user involvement. The GovCamp event on Saturday was a terrific opportunity to ask the assembled tech and policy experts, innovators and creative disruptors, how they thought we might get more user involvement in the development of digital public services to improve quality, and/or save money. It’s a project we are working on for Consumer Focus, as explained here January 2010.

Videos from the workshop - and much thanks. Briefly - thanks to everyone who hosted, helped organise, and turned up and talked so enthusiastically at yesterday’s workshop. I’ve uploaded videos with minimum description in the hope that those who presented might like to add their own content. September 2009.

What shall we tag localcommunities? It’s part of our identify …. This may seem a trivial issue for those of us less than obsessive about social media and the way to connect its many bits and pieces … but what tag should we attach to blog posts, tweets, photos, videos etc that may come out of Monday’s workshop and other discussions? Septmeber 2009.

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