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What shall we tag localcommunities? It’s part of our identify …

September 18, 2009

This may seem a trivial issue for those of us less than obsessive about social media and the way to connect its many bits and pieces … but what tag should we attach to blog posts, tweets, photos, videos etc that may come out of Monday’s workshop and other discussions?\

A tag is a keyword or abbreviation you can add to a twitter message, and/or add to the tag fields in blog posts etc so that other people can easily search and pull together relevant content from a lot of different places. Amy Sample Ward explains a lot of this in the Social by Social book now available as a free download here.\

For example, I was at a meeting of the IDeA Knowledge Hub Advisory Group yesterday, and if you search on Twitter for khub you get this.\

Choosing a tag can be tricky, however. Digitalengagement has generally worked well for those of us over on the digitalengagement network, but also collected a lot, as I recall, about a US book on engagement marketing. Noise - or useful cross-over?\

Localcommunities isn’t being used by anyone else as far as I can see, but it is a bit long and takes up a lot of your allowable 140 characters in twitter.\

I think “localsocial” would be good … but then I remembered someone at yesterday’s khub meeting saying “social” can be a big turn off in council because it equates with Facebook … which may even be banned.\

Technically a tag is metadata: practically it’s a bit of shared identity, so it’s worth being thoughtful in choosing it. What do you think?\

Twitter explanation here. Other explanations of tagging very welcome, I’m not an expert.\

If you are really interested in why tagging is as important today as yesterday’s invention of library classification systems, see Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger.\

If you have just a few minutes, and the ability to view video (blocked within some public bodies I know), see how the whole thing is explained in five minutes 29 seconds by Michael Wesch on YouTube.

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